May 14, 2011

The city of Zarqa celebrates its Youth and the new mural from JRF

  A short video from the mural unveiling. May 7, 2011. The ceremony lasted 2 hours and these are just some small bits we have collected from our cameras and iphones. Thank you all at Jordan River Foundation, the amazing youth Ambassadors of Paint and Light, and everyone at the Royal Village of Zarqa for making this mural experience possible!  We will see you all again one day, Enshalla~

Last Day: Star Mural Artists finishing up the work~

Omar including the Statue of Liberty in his work

Nidal touching up the River Jordan on Tereq's map.

Samadi,...finishing his work with cheerful tones...

Omar on break

"Say Hello to my little friend" 

working out the thumbnail sketch before he paints

Giving Sam a hand on his Cobra

A still life painted, signed and sealed.

Muna painting Petra 

Wolf and Artist

scaffolding down and we are done!

As light as a feather... atoms glow like stars. A
quill to write the future...

King Abdullah mosque

Sam and Greg (BFF)
 Morning of the last day painting..

May 2, 2011

Day 24-26: Jordanian colors!

Students are beginning to finish the mural and work on the gallery of individual work~
As the job finds it way to the final stretch, students work very hard! Constant adjustment
of the scaffolding requires much teamwork.

The flag flying proudly...

More scaffolding logistics

The A team, with newest member special agent Kirsten!

Arch and columns take on 3-D shape

Beginning a painting of Petra

Sheep to keep the camel company

At home on the top of the ladder

The start of her Individual artwork in the Mural gallery

Wadi Ram landscape in its early stages...

Tent supplied to keep cool in the shade

Local Zarqa mural team helpers

Humble little donkey getting his hair done...

The Mosque begins to take shape as students work in tight quarters.

April 25, 2011

Day 23: Camel feathers!

The Day started at 4:00 am, Nidal, Greg and I were up projecting the camel
and the feather. Camel outline has just begun to be filled in.

by 10:00 am, the day was off to a great start!

Camel coming along

Omar starting on the feather.

Shadi and Ammani and working the top of the feather
20 feet up on scaffolding

Omar is 20 years old today! Happy Birthday!

Camel and feather at the end of the day.


Nidal keeping it clean as the feather awaits a shadow...